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Crafted Serenity


Brand New 2018 Banner!

Survival / Towny Server Update
Added Button Shops In Last Spawn Building!

  • Buy MCMMO Credits - /warp MCMMOcredits
  • Buy Donate Points - Buy in Bulk For Cheaper! - /warp DonatePointShop
  • Town Mayors Can Buy Expansion Blocks - /warp BonusBlocks
  • And Buy Crate Keys Now! - /warp BuyCrateKey
  • Released Farm houses for rent - /warp CSMC-Town (Walk forward about 30 blocks, Farms on the right)
  • Released PVP arena - /warp PVP (Create your own little PVP battles)
  • Released Buy your own MC Head for $5000 - /warp BuyHead


We believe CSMC has become less active for many players due to the fact players have created their Empires, become millionaires, maximized McMMO skills and job skills. We feel new players and old players will want to play on a balanced server with many things to do after the refresh. We also recalibrated economy + Added new ways to gain crate keys + Added discounts on buying multiple Donate Points using in game money and lots more!

The refresh included the following:

  1. Map reset
  2. Economy
  3. Inventories
  4. Player Vaults
  5. McMMO skills
  6. Job skills
  7. Towns
  8. Grief Prevention claims

This reset took place on MARCH 18, 2018


  1. Every player who joins for the first time will receive 1 of each crate key to open at /warp crates.
  2. Each time a new player connects, everyone on the server gets a Party Crate.
  3. Equal chance for all players to gain top spots on leaderboards
  4. Bring players back which have left the game due to nothing left to do.
  5. Overall a full refresh provides CSMC with a fresh start running off a great server setup created by Vestle and zzirLxck QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS DIRECT TO @Vestle#0420 On Discord
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