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Crafted Serenity

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Server Updates List

  • New Spawn Released
  • New Leaderboards Area
  • New Designed Layout For Quest NPCs
  • New Spawner Shop
  • Player Market Shops Released At /warp market
  • New Repairing Area and EXP buy/sell area at /warp repair
  • New tutorial rooms located at /faq
  • Some plugins updated
  • Known Bugs: Jungle quests says "Oak 0/10"
  • Any more bugs please let us know!

Quests Have Improved!


160 Quests Released Within The Current 5 Citizens Located At /hub

The Jolly 5 Citizens Are Standing Within The Hub Circle And Are Eager To Be Approached!

In Order To Start A Quest The Steps Most Be Followed:

1) Right Click The Citizen You Wish To Speak To

2) A List Of Quests Show Up - These Are The Unlocked Quests (locked quests become avalible once completing starting quests)

3) Type The Number Related To The Quest You Wish To Start

4) A Confirmation message will appear - Type "Yes" or "No" In The Chat

5) If "Yes" The Quest Has Started! Do As Says To Complete For Reward!

Last Edit: 10/14/2017

Mythic Mobs - 21 New Mobs

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