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Ban apeal

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Ban appeal BradleyGamerNL

Date: 4-12-2017

In-game name: BradleyGamerNL

Exact words that you see when trying to join CS: Permaban - emmsteroni

Do you believe this was an incorrect ban?: Yes it was a Wrong decision to send my teamspeak ip

Why do you think you were banned?: Becaus i send my teamspeak IP

What rule do you think you broke: I broke the rule to advertise

Why do you think you should be unbanned?: my ban is not fair because I sent a friend lapisxgirl a teamspeak ip to o my teamspeak to come because she lost the ip I had no other possibility to contact her so I did it via msg I offer an excuse for this misunderstanding

My english is really bad so i had to ask a friend to explain what happened, Lapisxgirl is a friend of mine we are always on the teamspeak server of a friend of us. Somehow she lost the adres of that teamspeak server and that was the IP i gave her trough /msg. i did not want to break any rules and was not aware of the fact that i broke a rule untill i was banned. Im really reall sorry and i will never make this mistake again if you please Unban me i really love to play on crafted serenity, i made some friends, was building a nice house and now i am banned i am a nice player who does not want to break the rules, it was a mistake from my side and i hope you can forgive me
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I watched the conversation between you and
for about
15 minutes. You both were discussing how you come from a currently active server and that a handful of players from that server were now migrating over to CS. Never in the conversation did she ask you for the IP, instead you gave it to her directly.

Posted Dec 4, 17
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Hi Emmsteroni, The first line of the conversation in your screenshot is the question 'of welke zitten jullie' Meaning 'or where are you sitting'. with that she asks on what teamspeak server we are sitting. I already knew she lost the Teamspeak IP and that is why i gave it to her trough /msg. You can check the IP in a teamspeak client if you want, it is really a teamspeak server and nothing more. it is a teamspeak server that a friend of us runs at home on his computer. Please i was not advertising a other minecraft server and i love crafted serenity and hope i can keep playing there.
Posted Dec 5, 17 · OP
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Rule broken: Advertising of anything not relating to CSMC will result in a ban. (Including mentioning other servers, voice servers, websites, social media, etc.)

Appeal denied.
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